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Meaning of Aruba Flag

Symbolism and of Meaning of Aruba Flag

The Aruban flag has a light blue background. It has a red four point star in the upper left corner of the flag.

There are two narrow horizontal yellow stripes across the bottom.

There are at least two different explanations of the meaning of the colors and the star(symbol) on this flag.

One theory is that the four pointed star is a symbol of the island nation and the four languages spoken in the country: Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish.

Its said that the blue symbolizes the sky and the sea and the yellow represents a rainflower, the Wanglo.

The other popular explanation of the meaning of the flag of Aruba suggests that yellow is the color of abundance from Aruba’s oil, aloe and gold industry, both in the past and now in the present. Red stands for the love Arubans have for their country and for the Brazil wood industry which dates back to ancient times.

White stands for the white sand on the beaches and also for the purity of heart of the native Aruban people who work for liberty, order and justice.

The yellow stripes are symbolic of the “free and separate position” that this island enjoys as part of the kingdom of the Netherlands.

The current flag came about as the result of a contest to create a flag. This flag used elements from several entries.

Some of the entrants also gave different meaning to the colors and symbols than the two theories we’ve discussed.

Aruban Flag Picture

For instance some see the star as a compass pointing north, south, east and west to signify that Arubans came from many nations or that the red star denotes the red soil, or that it represents the countries unity, diversity, beauty and vigor. The flag was adopted on 18 March 1976.

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