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Meaning of Armenian Flag

The symbol and colors of the Armenian flag, like those of most other nations, have special meaning to the people they represent.

The current national flag of Armenia has three equally sized rectangles. Red is on the top, blue in the middle and orange on the bottom.

There is some debate over what these colors mean to Armenians. One theory claims that red symbolizes the blood shed by Armenian soldiers in defense of their country. The blue represents the sky and the orange stands for the fertile soil and the farmers that work it.

However there is another theory. The red means the energy of the sun, blue the clear skies and orange the wheat fields at harvest time.

armenian flag image

There have been at least ten other flags dating back to 180 BC, each with it’s own designs, colors and meaning which we won’t go into at this time except for a flag created in 1885 at the suggestion of a priest who suggested a flag using the colors of the Sundays of Easter season, red for the first Sunday, Green for the second and white arbitrarily.

This was never really the “national” flag. It was used by Armenian students in France who had asked for a flag to take with them when they attended Victor Hugo’s funeral.

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