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Meaning of Argentina Flag

The flag of Argentina has three horizontal stripes of sky blue, white and sky blue. On the white stripe is a sun with 32 wavy and straight alternating rays.

There are two different theories about the meaning of the colors and symbol of the flag.

One says that the blue represents the Rio de la Plata (river of silver) which is the widest river in the world and the white represents the metal silver.

The word Argentina comes from the Latin “argutum”, that means silver. The early conquerors and explorers believed the river banks hid deposits of silver, hence the name.

The other theory is that the colors of the Argentine flag stand for the Bourbon Dynasty of Spain, since Spain colonized Argentina in 1516. It took 300 years for Argentina to gain independence which came in 1816.

Flag of Argentina Picture

The Argentine people call the blue on their flag "celeste" which is the color of the day sky seen "from normal angles of sight."

There are elaborate practices required by law when the flag is carried in a ceremony. For instance there must be at least two escorts. The flag bearers have to undergo a screening process and there is serious competition in schools among the students, to have the honor. Very often it is the students with the highest grades who are chosen for the honor of carrying the Argentine flag.

As you can see, the Argentine flag is treasured by the people and it is treasured by most citizens.

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