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Meaning of Antigua and Barbuda Flag

A national flag is usually designed to inspirer pride in one’s nation and as a remembrance of any struggles for independence or survival. The flag of Antigua and Barbuda does just that.

The colors, symbols and arrangement of these things generally have a specific meaning. For instance the thirteen stripes on the U.S. flag represent the thirteen original colonies and the fifty stars signify the fifty states.

The Antiguan/Barbudan flag has a red base with an inverted triangle. The apex of the pyramid, in this case the bottom, is white, the middle is a blue stripe and the top (base) is black.

The star/sun represents the dawning of a new era of self government. This flag was adopted when the islands became a self governing nation but still under British control.

antigua and barbuda flag

The red in this flag symbolizes the energy of the people of this island nation and the blue represents hope and black serves to remind the people of their African roots.

The sun, sea and sand are called to mind by the presence of blue, white and yellow. This flag is one of the most visually attractive flags that we have ever seen.

Do you know the meaning of the colors and symbols on the flag of your country of origin, ancestral homeland and the country where you live and work? Take some time and look up this information. You may be surprised.

Even Antigua and Barbuda citizens of European descent respect and revere their flag and the ideals that it represents.

One really interesting fact about the flag of Antigua and Barbuda is it was designed by a high school teacher in the islands.

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