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Meaning of Angola Flag

The current flag of Angola came into use on November 11, 1975 after Angola became independent from Portugal.

It is composed of two equally sized rectangles, red on top and black on the bottom. It has a cogwheel crossed by a machete and there is a gold star.

The red represents: blood shed by the Angolan people during oppression, defense of the homeland and the struggle for freedom. Black stands for the African continent. Laborers and industrial production are represented by the cogwheel pays tribute to the peasants. The star is symbolic of international solidarity and progress and the yellow stands for the wealth of Angola.

There are other interpretations of the colors and symbols found on the Angolan flag. For some people understanding of the meaning of Angola flag seems to be based on the flag that was used by the ruling party the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA). It was the same red and black with a gold star in the center. Red represented socialism, black for Africa and the start was reminiscent of the Soviet Unionís red star.

angola flag picture

Many Angolans see the cogwheel and machete as reminiscent of the hammer and sickle on the flag of the Soviet Union and that is a symbol of communism.

There was another flag proposed in 2003. This is a red rectangle with blue and white stripes across the top and bottom. In the center of the red rectangle there is a golden sun which is based on ancient cave paintings.

However so far this flag has not been adopted. Many feel it has no real meaning when compared to the flag now in use which for many people connects them to their history.

Another complaint is that the flag is too much like other flags such as Costa Rica and North Korea.

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