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Meaning of Andorra Flag

Andorra is a small country in southwestern Europe in between France and Spain.

The flag of Andorra has three vertical stripes. Blue is on the left closes to the flag pole. Yellow is in the middle and blue is on the right. The Andorran national “coat of arms is centered in the middle yellow band.”

The current flag of Andorra is the state flag was introduced in 1866 adding a blue stripe to the red and yellow flag of Foix, a province in France. When the blue stripe was added both France and Spain were recognized with two colors in the flag of Andorra. Blue and red honors France and red and yellow for Spain.

There is a version of the flag without the coat of arms. Andorrans are free to use either flag because there are no laws concerning the flag.

andorra flag graphic

The coat of arms used on the flag of Andorra has four quarters. The top left the one of the bishopric, the top right the one of Calatonia, the bottom left the one of Foix, bottom right the one of Bearn. This motto appears on the coat of arms: Virtuis Unita Fortior which means “United Strength is Stronger”. There is a more modern interpretation of the meaning of the colors used in the Andorran flag. Blue represents France, red symbolizes Spain and yellow honors the Vatican, the home of the Roman Catholic church. Roman Catholicicsm is the main religion practiced in Andorra.

There are several countries that have a flag that honors one other country such as former British territories that use the Union Jack as their flags. I don’t think you will find any other countries that honor three separate states.

In today’s contentious world it is good to know some nations honor others this way.

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