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Meaning of Algerian Flag

Do you know what the symbols and colors on your national or ancestral homelandís flag mean?

For instance on the U.S. flag the thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies and the fifty stars denote the fifty states that now compose the nation. The Algerian flag is made of two equal sized rectangles. Green on the left nearest the flagpoles and white. It also has a red crescent and a star.

The green represents Islam, while the white portion represents Abdel-kedar who fought for Algeria against the French. The flag also is a tribute to the martyrs who fought against foreign combatants prior to the formation of the Algerian nation.

The Algerian flag gives praise to religion and to peace which is important for a nation to develop and grow.

What does the crescent on this flag represent? Over time there have been several ideas about the crescentís meaning. One that make sense is openness and victory. When the area was Christian it represented the Virgin Mary. It also points to Islam and the Turkish empire. Others feel that it represents Mohamedís revelation from God. It may also be a link to the cult of Inamu, a female vertility cult or simply the confunction of Venus and the moon.

Algeriaís official name is the Peopleís republic of Algeria which may account for the red star.

The star would be enclosed within a circle if the points of the crescent were connected. The government of Algeria allows their navy to add two small red crossed anchors in the canton/upper left corner of the flag.

The present Algerian flag was adopted by the National Liberation Front based on a design created in 1928. When Algeria became independent in 1962. It was first hoisted officially on 3 July 1962 and remains unchanged since.

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