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Meaning of Albanian Flag

The Albanian flag has a red background upon which sitís a two headed eagle. Albania means "land of eagle"Ē.

The emblem was adapted from a 19th century coat of arms which belonged to the Gjergj, also known as Skandenburg. He led the Albanian in an armed revolt against the Ottoman Empire which led to a brief 25 years of independence from 1443 to 1468.

Have you ever wondered why nations developed the use of flags? A flag carried on a staff was a way for troops in battle to distinguish their own leaders and armies from the enemy on the battle field.

In battle seeing your countryís flag on a tank, truck or uniform can motivate soldiers. As can a flag posted on captured territory.

albania flag graphic

Albania has very strict rules of flag etiquette. For instance the national flag takes precedence over a state flag, military flag or any other Albanian flags.

Albanians have deep pride in and respect for their flag just like Americans, British, French and citizens of most nations. The rules for flying and caring for the Albanian flag are very similar to those in the U.S. For instance this flag should never be flown on the same pole above another nationís flag, because this would indicate superiority or below another flag as this would suggest inferiority.

The flag should never be allowed to drag along the ground and a torn, faded flag should be replaced as soon as possible. A flag should be disposed of respectfully by burning it.

The rules of the care, flying and disposal of the Albanian flag are not unlike what the U.S. flag protocol demands for an American flag.

Do you know the meaning of the colors and symbols of your ancestral or country of originís flag? I find the study of this information extremely interesting.

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