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Meaning of the Ecuador Flag

Meaning of the Ecuador Flag - What Ecuador Flag Represents?

The colors of the Ecuadorian flag as well as the symbols on the coat of arms all have specific meanings as do the same elements in most flags.

The current flag of Ecuador has three stripes. The yellow which takes up about of the flag and then a blue and a red stripe of equal size take up the rest of the flag.

The yellow stands for abundance and fertility, crops and land. Blue is symbolic of the sea and sky. Red represents the blood shed by martyrs and soldiers in the struggle for independence.

The coat of arms has a lot of meaning also. The condor is obviously a symbol of power and strength of the people of Ecuador.

Ecuador Flag Image

The snowy mountain represents the altitude of the country. The boat symbolizes commerce and navigation. Olive leaves are symbolic of peace and beauty. The sun represents the ancient God of the ancestors.

Did you know that the world famous Galapagos are a national park that belongs to Ecuador?

The islands are the second Pacific Ocean marine reserve and even have their own flag. It consists of three equal sized stripes of green, white and blue. Green represents the lush vegetation, especially in the highlands.

The soil is also very rich and suitable for cultivating by inhabitants. White is symbolic of the lowlands and the proud aspirations of the people. Blue stands for the Pacific Ocean and the second marine reserve.

A 1900 decree held that the state flag, ensign and presidential flag all bear the coat of arms. However the civil flag and ensign do not.

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