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Luxembourg Flag History

Luxembourg Flag History and Facts

The red, white and blue of this flag came from the coat of arms of Count Henry the VI the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

It was adopted on 23 June 1972 and was influenced by the French tricolor and the flag of the Netherlands.

France’s flag has three vertical stripes of dark blue, white and white. The Netherlands uses red, white and dark blue horizontal stripes. Luxembourg’s blue is quite bright blue.

Luxembourg is tri lingual and French, German and Luxembourgish are all spoken. Luxembourg’s independence was affirmed by both the first and second treaties of London.

Flag of Luxemburg Picture

However the country was invaded by the Nazis in 1940. In 1942 Luxembourg put aside their policy of neutrality and joined the Allies in fighting Germany.

Luxembourg is tri-lingual which means there are three languages used: French, German and Luxembourgish, which is the mother tongue/language of the heart.

Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy and is the only sovereign Grand Duchy left in the entire world.

Although the country is a secular state the majority of the citizens are Roman Catholic. During the Belgian Revolution Luxembourg lost more than ½ of its territory. The nation is about ½ the size of the U.S. state of Delaware. At the time it achieved independence it took its colors from the coat of arms. Spain, France and Austria all had control of Luxembourg at one time or another.

Would you like to know an interesting point about the history of Luxembourg’s flag? The nation of Luxembourg did not have a flag until 1930.

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