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Italian Flag Facts

What do you know about Italian Flag Facts? Find out if you are a real Vexillologist!

Italy has a very strategic position in Europe and as we all know, Italy was Europeís centre in the Middle Age.

Many European leaders wanted to conquer this country and some of them succeeded. Italy is known to have access to the Mediterranean See and the Italians controlled it for many years. The commerce with other seaports made it economically very powerful and that made possible expansion.

However, only the cities on the seaside were rich, powerful and for many years they didnít want to unite with the other states from the Italic peninsula. As a result, we can speak about a national Italian Flag only after the XVI century.

The Italian Flag is a tricolour with three equal vertical bands having the colours of red, white and green (green being on the hoist side). There are some Ancient and Heraldic traditions according to which colours have certain symbols.

Italian flag

The symbols of the Italian Flag are: honesty and peace (the red colour), bravery and valour (red), hope and love (green). It is believed that the Italian Flag had as inspiration the flag brought by Napoleon when he conquered Italy. Throughout the time, Italy had several variations of this flag, including arranging of the colours in square shape or having Animal blazons or royal emblems.

According to the Heraldic principles, the Animals blazons always had to appear with the heads facing the flag. Are you fascinated about flag facts? I find flags and their journeys throughout the time really interesting. A Vexillologist is a person that is interested in studying the evolution of flags throughout the time and their symbols.

In order to test you whether you are a real Vexillologist, I will ask you something regarding the Italian Flag facts. Actually is really simple: what makes the Mexican flag different from the Italian flag? One thing is certain: the colours are the same: green white and red. Well, the most visible difference is that there is an eagle on the white stripe of the Mexican flag.

Also, the Mexican Flag has 4:7 ratio aspects while the Italian flag only 2:3 and the Italian flag uses lighter shades of green and red. Here is the last question for you in order to test your Vexillologist skills. What flag did Italy want to adopt when it became republic in 1946? Is it the French or the British Flag? The French Flag, of course, but it wasnít allowed to have the same flag.

If you really are interested about Vexillology and you find the Italian Flag Facts interested, donít hesitate to dig more into the history files of this planet and find other fascinating facts!

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