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Is the rebel flag a symbol of racism

Is the rebel flag a symbol of racism: a look into the truth

After completing my school, when I went for higher studies in the university, I came across one history professor who was not only helpful but was one of the most knowledgeable people that I ever came across.

He easily identified that I had a deep interest in the history of the Confederate and he also understood that I was not really happy with the kind of explanations that I came across so far for the question, "Is Rebel Flag a symbol of Racism?"

Rebel flag picture

He could read the concern on my face and suddenly one day he asked me to stay back after the class. We discussed a lot about the Rebel flag and that was really interesting.

He said that the confederate flag actually suffered from the false propaganda that was actually heaped upon them by the media, the education system as well as the very popular Hollywood. He said that there is an alleged link between the Rebel flag and slavery and racism.

This he called to be a lie and said that the not only the blacks were held as slaves and as a matter of fact the white European Slavs (Slavonic tribe) from Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Slavonia, Russia, Poland, Hungary, and others were captured and sold as slaves.

Moreover most of the black men who were brought out of Africa were sent mainly to South America and not to the United States and thus, slavery must also be applied to the white people as well. The Confederate flag therefore cannot be taken as a symbol of racism.

A discussion with my teacher brought out the fact that most of the history that we read is nothing but hogwash and that before we really reach a conclusion; we must actually go ahead and explore the past properly.

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