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History of Equatorial Guinea Flag

Facts and History of Equatorial Guinea Flag

The flag of Equatorial Guinea is made up of three horizontal stripes, equal in size. The stripes are green, white and red. The coat of arms is on the center white stripe.

Independence from Spain was granted on 12 October 1968. On that same date a national flag was adopted and flown for the very first time.

The coat of arms had been changed but was restored in August of 1979. The design is a silver (grey) shield with a silk cotton tree, with six six-point stars running across the top of the coat.

At the bottom are the words Unidad, Paz, Justica, denoting the country’s goals of Unity, Peace and Justice and the year of independence.

Equatorial Guinea Flag Clip Art

Would you like to know an interesting fact about the Equatorial Guinea flag history? At the time of colonization of the nation a treaty with Spain was signed under a silk cotton tree.

The indigenous people of the area were of Bantu and Pygmy ethnicity. There are large deposits of petroleum and natural gas. They export a lot of hydrocarbons.

On paper the country is a democracy but in actuality most of the power is in the hand of the president who pretty much does what he or she wants.

Like most other countries the people in Equatorial Guinea are devoted to their flag and are willing to die for it.

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