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History of El Salvador Flag

Facts and History of El Salvador Flag

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the national flag and the civil flag of a nation? These can be different in many nations.

In many cases the civil flag is identical to the national flag except the national flag is only flown on land. Also, sometimes a civil flag may not bear the coat of arms or other insignia. The point is that all nations are free to decide which flag should be flown and when it can be flown.

El Salvador Flag Clip Art

The national flag of El Salvador is composed of three horizontal stripes of blue, white, blue. The Salvadoran coat of arms is in the center of the white stripe.

El Salvadors’s civil flag doesn’t have the coat of arms. But in this case the words “Dios, Union and Libertad”. The motto means: God, Unity and Liberty. The country became independent from Spain on 15 September 1921.

They broke with the Central American Federation in 1842. El Salvador didn’t formally adopt a flag until 27 September 1972, some fifty years after independence.

There are three classes and sizes of flags. The first was called the great flag known as magma. A second flag is used on public buildings or offices. The third is used for parades.

Unauthorized use of the flag of El Salvador will earn you at the very least, a fine. It is illegal to abuse or deface the flag in any way and if the flag is flown with flags of other countries they must all be flown at the same height.

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