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History of Argentina Flag

Facts and History of Argentina Flag

Like the flags of many other nations, the flag of Argentina has its roots in a battle standard (a.k.a. a war flag).

It is a triband of light blue, white and light blue and there is a yellow “Sun of May” in the center. In 1812 the triband was adopted without the sun. This was before Argentina declared its independence from Spain in 1816.

The colors were chosen by the leader of the revolt against Spain Manuel Belgnano. It is said the flag represents the blue sky opening to show white clouds. Which reportedly happened on 25 May 1810, the day the Liberation demonstration started in Argentina’s capitol city.

Flag day is celebrated in Argentina on 20 June to commemorate the hero Belgnanano’s death.

The full flag with the sun is considered the official ceremonial flag. Without the sun the flag is the ornamental flag. Both are accepted as the national flag. However when both flags are displayed the ornamental flag is to be flown below the official ceremonial flag. The official ceremony flag is considered the civil state and war flag and ensign.

Government laws/rules concerning the flags dictate size and the shades and intensity of colors. You can’t just throw any shades of blue and yellow together to make a flag.

Tradition says that during the war for independence General Belgnano noticed that both the Royal troop and freedom fighters were using the same colors (yellow and red) and he reportedly used the colors used by the rebels in 1810.

Recent research says that the rebels of 1810 used a red cloth. The original flag had two vertical stripes, blue and white.

Whatever the truth of the origin of the Argentine flag, the current triband with the sun is the flag of Argentina.

Agrentina flag picture

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