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History of Anguilla Flag

Facts and History of Anguilla Flag

At one time Anguilla was a part of the Associate State of Saint Christopher, Nevis and Anguilla.

The official state flag was called the “triple palm” and was introduced in 1967.

This flag was composed of three vertical panels, green yellow and blue. There was a palm tree with three palms growing out of it.

However in July of 1967 Anguilla declared its independence and seceded from the Associate State on 12 July 1967. Less than two weeks later they introduced their first flag known as the mermaid flag. It had a red base with a blue oval in the center. In the oval there were two mermaids with a large shell in between them. Above the oval are the words Republic of and below it Anguilla.

Later there was a supposed threat that drug kingpins were going to take over the island and use it as a base for their operations. Some historians believe this was an excuse for the British to invade the island and regain control.

In 1980 Anguilla used a white flag with three orange dolphins. Even now this three dolphin flag is flown over homes, businesses, etc.

On February 1, 1980 Anguilla became a separate crown colony and adopted the blue ensign with the three dolphins flag as a badge of honor. The blue ensign is a blue field with the Union Jack in the upper left corner.

The current flag is the blue ensign with the three dolphins badge on the right side of the flag.

anguilla flag picture

It seems that most Anguillans consider the three dolphin flag their "real flag" and it is flown more often than the official flag. The British government ignores this on private property. The dolphin flag is an extremely attractive flag.

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