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History of Andorra Flag

Learn More About History of Andorran Flag

Andorra is a small country with a population of about 70,000 people. It rests between France and Spain in southwestern Europe.

The Andorran flag has three vertical stripes of equal size, the colors are blue, yellow and red. The coat of arms is in the middle of the yellow band.

The flag currently in use in Andorra, known as the state flag, was created in 1866 by adding a blue stripe to the red and yellow flag of Foix (a province of France that had a red and yellow flag). Andorra honors her protectors by putting two colors for each nation in their flag. Blue and red represent France and red and yellow for Spain.

There is another version of the flag that has the blue, yellow and red bands but without the coat of arms. It is used just about as often as the state flag. This is acceptable because there is no law governing the display of the Andorra flag.

andorra flag graphic

A more modern explanation of the colors found in the Andorran flag is that the blue is representative of France, red denotes Spain and the yellow represents the Vatican, the home of the Roman Catholic church. Roman Catholicism is the main religion practiced or claimed in Andorra.

The coat of arms is divided into four quarters. Each bears a symbol important to Andorra: “Top left - the one of the Bishopric, top right - the one of Calatonia, bottom left - the one of Foix, bottom right- the one of Bearn.”

There are other countries that honor one other country on there flags such as former British colonies and territories that incorporate the “Union Jack” in their flag. However I couldn’t find any other country that honored three different states on their flag. How amazing that this can happen in these times.

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