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History of American Samoa Flag

Learn More About History of American Samoa Flag

There was some international rivalry for control of the Samoan archipelago.

A treaty was reached in 1899 which divided the island group between Germany and the U.S. The following year the U.S. established control.

According to a group of high school students the Samoan state flag is one of the most visually attractive flags.

It is blue with a white triangle which is bordered in red. An American Eagle in true colors grasps two of the Samoan symbols of tribal power, a war club called the uatagi in the Samoan language and the fue a ceremonial stick.

The American eagle is a symbol of strength and power and celebrates the friendship and respect between Samoa and the U.S. It also acknowledges the protection provided by the U.S. to Samoa.

flag of american samoa

From 1900 to 1951 U.S. authority in Samoa was in the hands of the United States Navy which maintained a refueling station at Pago Pago. However day to day running of Samoa was pretty much left in the hands of the local chieftans.

When World War II broke out Tortula was a base for U.S. servicemen fighting the Pacific war. Things returned to normal rather quickly when the war was ended in 1945 and again the Samoans were able to manage their own affairs. The Samoans are a proud people and proud of their part in the war effort, as well they should be, the islands played a vital part in the victory.

The American Samoa flag was adopted in 1960. This is a very young flag, not yet fifty years old.

If you are looking for a great island getaway check out American Samoa. You will feel at home almost instantly and if you let the Samoan people know how you admire their flag, you will have new friends.

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