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History of Albanian Flag

Learn History of Albanian Flag

The Albanian flag is a red field with a black two headed eagle in the center. Albania means land of the eagles.

For centuries peoples all over the world have given meaning to colors. One color say red can mean different things in different cultures and settings. For instance the red in the Albanian flag means hardiness, strength, bravery and valor while in another culture it could symbolize martyrdom for your faith and or country.

The emblem on this flag was adapted from the 1600ís coat of arms of Gjergj Kastrioti who led a revolt by the Albanians against the Ottoman Empire which accounts for a brief period from 1443 to 1468 of Albanian independence.

In 1468 Albania fell to the Ottoman Empire and Christians were forced to convert to Islam and the Albanian flag and culture were suppressed by 1878 Russia defeated the Ottoman Empire whose influence in Albania was weakened.

In 1913 the Balkan Wars ended by the treaty of Bucharest and Albania was finally recognized as an independent nation ruled by a constitutional monarchy.

albania flag graphic

As in many other countries Albania has fairly strict rules of flag etiquette. For instance it is not to be dragged along the ground or defaced in any way. It must be disposed of respectfully, preferably by burning.

There are rules that govern how the flag is to be flown when on display with flags of other nations, all flags should be at the same height. A nationís flag is or should be a symbol of love for country and must be respected even if it is not your nation of origin or ancestral homeland.

The rules even govern the procedure for flying a flag at half mast. The current Albanian flag was adopted on the 7th of April in 1992.

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