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History of Afghanistan Flag

Facts and History of Afghanistan Flag

The history of the Afghanistan flag goes back to 1747.

The earliest flag we found was in use from 1747 until 1823 when the country was under the rule of the Durrani Empire. It was a green white green flag. It was use in Herit until 1842.

The Emriate of Afghanistan was ruled by Abdur Rahman Khan from 1880 until 1901. His son Habdullah Khan added a seal to his fatherís flag. That seal was a precursor of the seal currently in use.

The seal has a mosque with its mirhab facing Mecca. A mirhab is a niche in the wall of a mosque which faces the direction Muslims generally face when saying prayers to God. The black flag with minor changes to the sea.

It was in use until 1928 when the first black, red and green flag with the seal was used under the rule of Amanullah Khan. It was the fourth flag during his time in power. In 1929 when Habibullah Kalakani was in power the red, black and white tricolor was used. Under Mohammed Nadir Shah the black, red and green tricolor with the national seal was restored.

At this time the black was said to remember the flags of the past, red the blood shed under the fight for independence and green hope for the future. 1929 saw three flags including the black, red and green tri-color with the mosque.

In 1974 the colors were used but the meaning was changed, black for the past, red for the blood shed for independence and green for prosperity from agriculture. In the canton (upper left corner) there was an eagle with spread wings and there is a pulpit in the birdís chest for the mosque.

The current flag is the tricolor with the seal with the Shahadah at the top of the seal.

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