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History of Antigua and Barbuda Flag

Facts of History of Antigua and Barbuda Flag

On February 27, 1967 Antigua and Barbuda, after becoming a self governing country, adopted the flag they are still using. This is an eye catching flag.

It has a red base with an inverted white triangle. The apex (in this case the bottom) is white, the center is blue and the base (top) is black. There is half of a sixteen point star/sun resting atop the blue stripe.

The first Europeans to occupy these islands were the Spanish. Christopher Columbus landed at Antigua on his second journey in 1493. The Spanish were replaced by British control in 1632. A very brief French occupation took place in 1666 and the British reclaimed the islands for the Commonwealth. Slavery was abolished on the islands in 1834, thirty-one years before it ended in the U.S.

In 1967 Antigua and Barbados became a self governing nation but still under British rule and in 1981 they became an independent nation and a member of the British Commonwealth of nations and the flag chosen in 1967 became the official national flag of the newly free nation of Antigua and Barbados. Great Britain had control of the islands for 249 years before independence was granted.

Like any other country that struggled for independence, the people of Antigua and Barbuda are proud of their flag and everything that it represents.

Antigua and Barbuda Flag Facts

The meanings of the colors and symbol on this flag are quite interesting. That is for another discussion at another time.

The British monarch is also the king or queen of Antigua and Barbuda.

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