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Germany’s Flag

All you need to know about Germany’s Flag

Germany is a young European country, taking into consideration its historical past.

Situated in the middle of Europe, the German territory has been of great interest for all the powerful empires due to the fact that it secured access to many other countries like France, Italy and the Northern territories. Actually, it can not be talked about a united Germany until the 19th century.

When visiting Germany, no one can miss the fact that there are so many castles and different traditions on a relative small surface. The reason why there is such a diversified culture is because Germany was divided in hundreds of small states before it formed a single country. Because of this, the German territory was always easy to conquer: the foreign armies had to deal only with smaller amount of soldiers at a time.

The Prussian counselor Weimar saw the need of a united Germany for the prosperity of the people and adopted the horizontal black red gold flag which was popular after Napoleon’s defeat on the German territory.

The meanings of the Germany’s flag colors are basically black and gold for the Austrian Empire/the Holy Roman Empire and red being the specific color of the Hanseatic League. The tricolour remained after its adoption in the Weimar period basically unchanged until the Third Reich was formed and the Nazi party’s flag with the swastika became Germany’s symbol. The German citizens are known to be conservative and what is worthy to notice about them is that they are modest when it comes to using the national flag besides the public and sports events.

Even if in the past Germany was not a united country, it easily has developed after it formed a single German nation and became an important state in Europe respected by all the other countries. And after the European Union was formed, Germany’s flag proudly took its place among the other European countries flags.

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