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German Flag Facts

Top 3 most fascinating German Flag Facts

Did you know that the German flag was almost the same throughout the past centuries

Well, there are only three major changes that are important throughout the history. The German Flag seems to have some similarities to the colours that symbolized the Holy Roman Empire.

After the fall of this empire, the Habsburg Monarchy became famous under the name of ‘Black and Gold Monarchy’; colours which were always were visible on the semi-official coats of the Romans. As a result, it is believed that the German flag derived primarily from the Habsburg and Roman black and gold symbols.

The first time that the German black-red-gold flag was used was in the 1840 revolts that were against the Conservative European order established after the Napoleon’s fall.

Black-red-golden became the official colours of the German Confederation, black and gold being symbols of Austria and red for the Hanseatic League.

German flag

However, the initial black-red-gold flag was 1866 replaced with the black-white-red tricolour, white being the symbol of Prussia. The fact that lead to this change was the Austro-Prussian War, white being the symbol of Prussia and its domination

Ready for the other German Flag facts? Well, during the Weimar reign, the German Empire adopted again the black-red-gold tricolour and this remained the national flag until the World War II and the Nazi occupation. When Hitler became the Germany’s Führer, the Nazi party flag with the swastika was turned into national flag.

During communist occupation after the World War II, the black-red-gold flag became once again the national flag, only that it had the communist symbols on it. When the communism ended back in 1990, the entire Germany had once again the black-red-gold flag. What is characteristically to the German people is that they are known to be very good citizens that respect the laws, regulations and like order and discipline. That is maybe why the German flag was only very little changed throughout the past.

What is the most amazing about the German Flag is how the German citizens relate to it: the flag is hardly used by the public; the German Flag is seen almost only at public events and sports manifestations. If you want to know more about German Flag facts, if you have the privilege to visit Germany, don’t hesitate to ask the locals about it because they know fascinating legends and stories about it!

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