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Georgia State Flag Represents

Learn Here What The Color of Georgia State Flag Represents

The Georgia State Flag was adopted in 2003 and the state was admitted to the United States in 1788 as the 4th state.

The flag has a deep red stripe at the bottom and top of the flag with a 3/4s of a white stripe in the middle with a blue box in the upper left corner with thirteen stars circling the seal of Georgia. The flag is designed after the Stars and Bars flag.

The pillars represent the three government branches, which are Legislative, Judicial and Executive. The words, "Moderation, Justice and Wisdom" wrap around the three pillars.

The picture of the soldier, who has the sword drawn, is symbolizing the constitutions defense. Under the pillars, the words, "In God We Trust" are displayed. The current flag is the 8th flag used to represent Georgia over the years.

Meaning of Georgian flag colors

The flag is flown with the National Flag on top of the staff and the state flag underneath.

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