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Flag Pole Kits

Flag Pole Kits - Why Purchase a Flag Pole Kit

There are a number of different types of flag pole kits available. Some have just a pole and the hardware needed to set it up. Others may have the pole, whether it is a one piece, sectional or telescoping pole. The halyard and finial are sometimes included as is the flags and clips to attach it to the pole.

You can also purchase a kit for a house mount. Generally you can get these kits and home and garden stores, on line shops and the mega-store that sells everything from groceries to car tires.

How much your flag pole kit will cost depends on what kind of kit you purchase, the materials used, items included and where you buy it.

Often an inexpensive set will have a flag that the stars and stripe patterns are stamped onto the fabric. In costlier kits the stars and stripes are sewn together. This method is costlier because it is more labor intensive and will likely last much longer.

You may want to look at the “free spinner” type poles. This pole rotates on a ball bearing. This lets the flag fly free and prevents it from wrapping around the pole.

We found a flag pole kit that included not only the pole with a finial, also the assembly and installation instructions. It also has a list of holidays when the flag should be flown and flag etiquette information.

Did you know that you can buy tailgating flag poles and bicycle flag poles? You can also buy indoor flag pole kits that can be found in courtrooms, classrooms, churches and civic group meeting rooms. These flagpoles are sometimes sold with a stand but often they are sold separately.

Many flag stores and companies also sell parade flags and the holster and white gloves used in parades.You can go online and find flag kits at flag specialty stores, home and garden stores and some department stores.

Do you want a free standing flag pole for your yard or one to attach to the front porch of your house? Are you looking for an inside pole kit for your classroom, office or meeting room?

You can get a flag pole kit for a pole with the halyard placed in the pole. It is called an internal halyard system. These flag poles have a door that gives access to the rope system. It can be locked to prevent people from damaging or stealing your flag. The flag is hoisted and lowered by a hand crank.

Some folks prefer the external halyard system which uses a pulley system to raise and lower their flag. The external flag pole’s halyard system is less expensive than an internal system.

You might want to look for a flag pole kit with a spinning pole. This pole rotates on ball bearings. When it is windy the pole will rotate which prevents the flag from getting twisted around the pole.

If you are having your flag pole kit delivered, ask the delivery driver to wait while you inspect the contents of the package. Make sure what is on your invoice, is in the package. If you find anything missing or defective do not sign for the delivery and have the driver return it. Call the company and let them know why you are sending it back.

There is even a senior citizen’s flag pole kit. The pole is made of light weight aluminum and the flag is smaller than the standard flag. It is made of printed polyester. A nylon flag with embroidered stars and sewn stripes will add $22.00 to the $19.95 price at Flagguys.com.

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