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Flag Pole Holders

Flag Pole Holders - What Kind of Flag Pole Holders are Available

When most of us think of pole holders, we picture the metal brackets that are found on many homes, garages and porches.

However there are a few other types of holders that are available. There are decorative flag holders made of wood, metal, plastic and wrought iron.

There are flag holder/brackets for wall mounting indoors such as classrooms. Many meeting rooms and courtrooms have a flag in a stand on the floor.

Special flag holders are available for use when tailgating. This is generally a fiberglass 21-23ft telescoping flag pole which can come with a ground mount, hitch mount or a ladder mount.

A railing mount is used to affix a flag pole to railings, fences, boats and RVís. It is usually a six foot pole which comes in two sections. You may want to consider a spinning flag pole since you will not have to worry about the flag getting wrapped around the flag pole. In this case the pole spins and not the flag.

There are memorial flag holders. They have a military insignia with a place on the back for a small flag. You see lots of those on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Then there are flag belts for parades and ceremonies. You can also purchase flag cases for the display of the folded flag. It can protect the flag that graced the coffin of a veteran or other fallen hero. Some people buy these cases in order to proudly display the flag in their homes. The flag display cases protect it from rodents and moisture.

There are also flag holders for sale so that you can fly the flag on the handlebars of your bicycle or motorcycle. Be sure to learn flag etiquette. You can buy all sorts of flag holders form flagguy.com.

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