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Flag Pole Hardware

Flag Pole Hardware - What Flag Pole Hardware is Needed

When your purchase your flag pole ask if the hardware needed is included. Also ask what tools you will need and if you donít own them, can they be purchased from the flag pole vendor.

If you have purchased a wall mount flag pole, you will only need a bracket to hold the flag pole, also a screwdriver and maybe a drill to make the pilot holes for the screws.

A ground set flag pole requires you to choose either and internal or external halyard system. These systems need more hardware than a wall mount flag pole.

For an external system you will need the telescoping pole pieces as well as brackets, cleats and cleat boxes, external pulley trucks. The pulley is what feeds the rope up or down when you want to raise or lower the flag.

You will also need flash collar and ground sleeve that are set in concrete to hold the flag pole erect. Locks and keys are necessary as well. You will also want non tangle rods as well as snap hooks for attaching the flag to the pole and of course your halyard rope.

The internal system is more complicated. The halyard ropes have to be threaded through the poles. Some of the hardware you need include cable swivels, counterweights, crimps, doors, flag leaders, internal kit and an internal halyard truck, quick set hooks, thimbles, retainer rings, stainless steel cable and a winch handle.

You will need a number of tools depending on which halyard system you choose. Personally I would hire someone to erect and install my flag pole system.

I have a wall mounted flag pole on my front porch. It is easier for me to take down in bad weather and to put it up again. However Iíd suggest you get your pole hardware from the American flag store.

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