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Flag Day History

Flag Day History: Facts and Myths

The national flag has a tremendous importance for the citizens, taking into consideration that it stands as a symbol for every person which is a citizen of a particular country.

The American Flag is also worldwide known for being a symbol of democracy and tolerance. But what can be actually said about the Flag Day history?

Even if it is not a federal recognized holiday, the Flag Day is celebrated by many American citizens on the June 14 as a sign of respect and patriotism for everything that this country stands for and the great acts of the founding fathers.

The reason why the Flag Day is celebrated on the June 14 is because in 1777 on that day was the first national American stripes and stars flag recognized by the united colonies. The first person to proclaim this date as the Flag Day was President Woodrow Wilson and on June 14, 1937 Pennsylvania became the first state that celebrated the Flag Day.

The person whom is given credit for suggesting the celebration of the Flag Day is George Morris of Hartford because on June 14 was held in his home town a patriotic program in order to pay respect to the Union Arms. There also are several teachers that contributed to making the Flag Day more popular throughout the country. The most notable one is Bernard J. Cigrand whom actions lead to the Flag Day celebration in schools by more than 300,000 children.

There is a story according to which Theodore Roosevelt noticed while dining on 14th June outside of Philadelphia a man wiping his nose with an American flag. As a good patriot, President Roosevelt took a small wood and begun to whip the person for the fact that he was not respectful to the American symbol. However, in the end the “American Flag” turned actually to be nothing more than a blue handkerchief with some white stars.

Nevertheless, Betsy Ross, the woman considered to have created the first American Flag is also worthy to mention when it comes to Flag Day history and many students even visit her house on the 14th June together with the history teachers.

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