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First Canadian Flag

The maple leaf and the story of the first Canada

Canada, the land of woods and natural beauty, is surrounded by a fascinating history and diversity.

Being primary a French colony and afterwards a British one, Canada is best known for its traditionalism and the many territory arguments that have been between France and Great Britain.

Being under British occupation, Canada has firstly had the Union Flag as characteristic. However, people felt that they needed something unique for their own beautiful country. Arguments after arguments didnít resolve this national issue until the Great Flag debate when the flagís change was seriously taken into consideration due to the fact that Egypt has objected to the Canadian peacemaking efforts due to the fact that the country troops had the same flag as the British Empire with which Egypt had prior unsatisfying negotiations.

The first national Canadian Flag was adopted back in 1965 and had a unique design of a red flag with a white square in the centre featuring an eleven pointed red maple leaf. Finding a unique national flag in Canada was like finding a national personalized identity of which they could be proud of. Prior to the current national flag, there have been several flags designs taken into consideration by the Canadian governors.

All these flags had something in common: they were similar to the Union Flag and had the maple leaf symbol added, with no drastic changes to the design. What does the national Canadian flag symbolize? It symbolizes unity in diversity (red and white), the different people having the same thing in common: the red maple leaf, the country they live in.

No matter what language they speak, no matter what color their skin have, the Canadian people are united by their tradition to be tolerant and accept the others how they are.

Canada is one of the friendliest countries in the world, even if the inhabitants speak different languages: they have probably learned throughout the years that the best way to build a powerful country is through friendship and acceptance of the others, exactly how there are. The current red and white Maple Leaf is considered the first Canadian Flag because it is the countryís first flag that defined them in a unique way as nation: friendly and tolerant.

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