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First American Flag Made

The most interesting facts about the first American Flag made

The 18th century was for many American women characterized by singlehood and independence.

Due to the fact that most of the men were away from home as soldiers, women had to raise children alone, take care of the money income, property and eventually remarry after the husbandís death. The story of Betsy Ross has all these elements: married two times with both men killed in tragic events, Betsy took care of the family upholstery business alone.

She was simply the typical women of her times until her nephew told this story: in 1776, Betsy Ross was visited by George Washington, Robert Morris and her husbandís relative George Ross and she demonstrated them that it is possible to create a five pointed star with a single clip of the scissors out of correctly folded fabrics.

And of course, legend has it that she was asked by George Washington afterwards to create the first American flag and she did this job successfully. Is this story true? No one can tell, but it was embraced by the American women in no time. Why does the large citizen majority believe that the first American Flag made was created by the hard working hands of a woman? Is it because of the need to include the women in the history of this democratic country?

Or is it because of the women emancipation that became more and more popular by that time? There is no precise answer to these questions. What itís certain is that the desire for freedom united the American colonies back in that century and the first flag was proudly held in the wind back in 1776.

The design of the flag was not too different from the todayís flag, only that in the blue square right next to the 13 red and white stripes were only 13 stars which represented the first colonies that formed the United States of America.

Legend or not, the story of Betsy Ross will touch further on the heart of many American citizens and she will always remain the hard working lady associated with the first American Flag made.

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