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Fiberglass Flag Poles

Fiberglass Flag Poles - Why Should We Purchase Fiberglass Flag Poles

Why should we purchase fiberglass flag poles? Flag poles are available in a variety of materials such as aluminum, plastic, steel, wood, marine aluminum and fiberglass.Fiberglass flag poles do not rust, rot or corrode.

They are durable, resistant to staining and scratches. This make the aluminum flag poles virtually maintenance free. You can purchase aluminum flag poles that range in heights of fifteen to more than fifty feet.

They are generally mounted in the ground, in concrete and in a ground sleeve which is usually made of PVC or fiberglass. The concrete must be dry before use to guarantee that the pole will remain erect.

The halyard is the rope or chain that is used for lowering or raising the flag. When you purchase your flag pole you should also get detailed installation instructions.

How much will your flag pole cost? That depends on the material used, which halyard system you have chosen and the finish used. The height of your flag pole also factors into the total cost. You can also purchase brackets that can be attached to the side of your house or another building. It is called and outrigger. In this situation the flag is on a horizontal plane.

When your flag pole is delivered it will likely be in sections. The number of sections you will receive can be anywhere from one to five. Generally about 10% of the total height should be below ground. So if you have a thirty foot pole, about three feet would be below the ground. Your flag pole should be delivered with all of the hardware you will need to set it up.

Before you sign for your flag pole delivery, check the box or boxes before the delivery driver leaves. That way you can refuse to accept the package if something is damaged or missing. While the driver is still with you call the company and let them know are returning the flag pole from the United States flag store.

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