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Kuwait Flag History

Kuwait Flag History and Facts

The flag of Kuwait uses red, white, green and black which are known as pan Arabic colors, which means that most Arabic flags use one or more of these four colors.

Kuwait’s flag was based on the Arab Revolt flag and was a symbol of Arab nationalism during the struggle with the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

The Arab Revolt flag had a red triangle with its base on the hoist side of the flag. There were three horizontal stripes of black, green and white.

These colors were chosen in honor of three Caliphates, black – Abbasid, green – Umayyad, white – Fatmid and red represented the Hashemite dynasty. All were allied with British troops during World War I.

flag of kuwait image

The current Kuwaiti flag was adopted on 7 September 1961 when Kuwait gained independence from Britain. It was first hoisted 24 November 1961. The flag was replaced after the Iraqi invasion in August of 1991.

The official national flag of Kuwait has a black trapezoid at the hoist side of the flag. There are three horizontal stripes of green, red and white.

This flag represents unity and independence a parliamentary government. The country is a major non-N.A.T.O. ally of the United States. The United States sent troops to aid the Kuwaiti military in driving out the Iraqi invaders.

There are three or four different explanations for the meaning of the colors on Kuwait’s flag, but that is a discussion for another time.

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