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Facts and History of Romania Flag

The era of liberty and democracy: Facts and History of Romania Flag

Being a former communist country, Romania has adopted the current flag design after the Revolution of 1989 when the totalitarian system collapsed.

Prior to the blue-yellow-red tricolour Romania had not a totally different flag.

What can be said about facts and history of Romania flag is that during the communist occupation the national coat of arms was added to the flag design on the yellow colour stripe.

The removal of the emblem suggests liberation from the socialist system and the beginning of a new era: the era of democracy.

Even though the design is very similar to the flags of Andorra and Chad, there is a particular symbolism attributed to the national emblemís colours: blue stands for the Black Sea and courage, yellow shows the prosperity of the country indicating the grain fields, while red stands for national courage and heroism.

Flag of Romania Picture

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