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Facts and History of Palau Flag

The Full moon: Facts and History of Palau Flag

Palau has been for many years an island group that was part of the UN Trust Territory, but when it has separated from this organization, the island group has adopted a new flag that has a deep significance despite its simplicity.

What can be said about the facts and history of Palau flag is that it is considered to have a very close design to the Japanís flag which has the sun represented on it, not the moon.

The local citizens state that blue does not only represents the ocean and the sky in the national emblem, it also suggests the transition from foreign administration to self-government.

In addition to this, the full moon plays an important role in the traditions of the stateís citizens: they consider that the full moon is the best time for human activity (celebrations, fishing, building, etc).

Flag of Palau Picture

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