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Facts and History of Norway Flag

Evolution of Norwegian Symbolism: Facts and History of Norway flag

The Norwegian flag has a long history throughout the years and was changed several times in order to meet the country’s beliefs or respect towards the things they cherish.

Moreover, the actual Norwegian flag shows a particular national belief and unity, being specific only for this country.

Facts and history of Norway flag can be divided into three parts: the legends of the ancient flags flown by national heroes like Saint Olav (serpent with white mark), the time period when Norway used the same flag like Denmark, or Sweden (16th-17th century) and the current situation when the Norwegian government implemented a flag that represents Norway as nation: the red-blue-white tricolour with the Nordic cross on it has its colour associated with the union with Denmark (red),the new Swedish dynasty (blue) and peace (white).

The flag of Norway combines the colours of United Kingdom, France, and United States of America and forms a new national ensign that shows the citizens’ willingness to learn from others.

Flag of Norway Picture

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