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Facts and History of Myanmar Flag

Different name, same flag: Facts and History of Myanmar Flag

The national flag of Myanmar was adopted 1974, years before Burma changed its name and has a precise design consisting of a red background with a blue canton having a white emblem full of significance on it.

One of the most unusual facts and history of Myanmar flag is that its design was never changed even though the country went through several major changes and that nowadays the national flag is only rarely displayed in public.

And relating to the flag’s symbolism, the 14 white stars are the symbols of the 14 states of the country. The stars surround a cog wheel with paddy ears above it. The paddy ears consist of exactly 34 grains, while the cog wheel has 14 cogs. The flag’s colors symbolize peace (blue), purity (white), and courage (red).

Flag of Myanmar Picture

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