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Connecticut State Flag Represents

Find Out What Color of Connecticut State Flag Represents

The 5th state entered into the United States is Connecticut. The Connecticut State Flag was adopted in 1897, years after the admission of the state in 1788.

The flag has a blue background, which represents the sky. The three pictured grapevines are believed to represent Connecticut, Saybrook and New Haven (settlements) that joined together to form the state.

The white shield with the purple grapevines inside is thought to be ornamental. The ribbon displayed at the bottom of the shield says, "Qui Transtulit Sustinet," which means, "He Who Transplanted Sustains Us."

The Saybrook colony is responsible for the design of the flag. However, the flag design changed many times before the flag that is flown today was adopted.

Connecticat Flag Colors Meaning

The flag is flown with the National Flag and is displayed with pride. Only the white shield and the grapevines represent the meaning of the flag. No meaning is given for the blue background.

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