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Confederate Flag Wallpaper

Why the Confederate Flag Wallpaper is a must-have

The Confederate or de Rebel Flag was very popular back in 1861 when the Southern Confederate States rebelled against the Union and fought against what they considered it was wrong for their states.

As we all know, the slavery was very popular back then in the Southern states due to the large landscapes they owned and the need of a cheap working class. As a result, when the Northern states proposed the end of slavery in America, the slave owners didnít agree to that.

Even if the slavery was wrong, the Confederate Flag is nowadays used as figure of speech to support the right of personal opinion and the real meaning of democracy. That doesnít mean that democracy should allow everyone to do what they wish, it means that everyone has the right to an opinion, regardless how wrong it could be.

There are certain phases in a personís life when he feels that he has to do something for his own good and what he believes in, even if that hasnít an effect on the other people lives, even if it is a small thing like having a Confederate Flag Wallpaper with its powerful message.

After learning in class about the Confederate Flag, a third grader decided to show his protest to his parents because he wasnít allowed to play more than half an hour computer games and downloaded a Rebel Flag wallpaper. That day, his parents thought him a lesson that everyone should learn, no matter what age. Having the right to protest or do something will not change the desired action or thing into something positive. If it is wrong, it will remain wrong, even if you will actually be able to get it or do that certain action.

There will always be consequences to our actions, and a Confederate Flag wallpaper should remind everyone that the fact that we are allowed to be egocentric or mean to other persons will not change the fact that the ones we love can get hurt because of this, exactly how in the war died members of the families of the persons that supported slavery.

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