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Colorado State Flag Represents

Learn Here What The Color of Colorado State Flag Represents

The 38th state to join the United States was Colorado.

The Colorado State Flag was adopted in 1911 and the state was admitted in 1876. The flag has a blue stripe on the top and bottom of the flag with a white stripe in the middle and a red "C" in the middle with a gold circle inside.

The colors are taken from the United States Flag and the "C" stands for Colorado, which means colorful in the Spanish language. The state was admitted to on the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and received the name, "Centennial State."

The flag was changed in 1924 and again in 1964. The flag is flown directly below the National Flag of the United States at government buildings and schools.

Meaning of Colorado Flag Colors

The flag is flown with the open end of the "C" facing the right. There is no apparent meaning of the colors.

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