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British Flags For Sale

British flags for sale – Get the Union Jack

While United Kingdom is the name we are most used to, to refer to the UK, the official name for the kingdom is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The UK is therefore a conglomeration of the 4 small countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The 4 countries which make up the UK have their own individual flags, their own capital cities, regional languages and their own cultures unique to the region.

The UK or British flag is the official flag of the collective union of these 4 countries. You can find British flags for sale from different outlets around the world.

The capital of the UK is London, which is part of England. England is about twice the size of the city of New York. Obviously, it is quite a small area for a country.

Despite is small size, England has risen to become one of the world’s most powerful countries. The British had at one time, a colony in every part of the civilized world. “The sun never sets on Britain” was a popular phrase that was the pride of Britain.

The British flag is combined from the individual flags of England, Ireland and Scotland. Since Wales was not a kingdom at that time, it was not included in the flag.

England’s flag has a red cross on a white background, and is known as the cross of St.George. Scotland’s flag is two white diagonal lines in the form of an X on a blue background, and is known as St.Andrew’s cross.

Ireland’s flag has two red diagonal lines in the form of an X on a white background. All three of these symbols form together to create the British flag, also known as the Union Jack. You can find British flags for sale at Amazon.

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