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Army Flag For Sale

Where to Find the Army flag for sale

The official seal adopted by the Department of the US Army can also be found in the US Army flag.

While the department’s seal is on a white background, the Army flag has the same symbols on a blue background. A scarlet scroll with the words “United States Army” can be found inscribed below the seal.

At the very bottom of the flag, the number 1775 can be seen. This number represents the year in which the US Army was organized, some two hundred and thirty odd years ago.

This was the time when General George Washington served as Commander-in-Chief. You can find the Army flag for sale in many different outlets in the country.

The US Army flag was officially accepted only in the year 1956, when President Eisenhower was in office. On 14 June of the same year, the banner of the US Army was dedicated officially and unfurled in the Independence Hall located in Philadelphia, PA.

In fact, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were both adopted in the Independence Hall. The hall was built and completed way back in 1753. It is listed as one of the World Heritage sites.

Many suppliers of flags and flag poles sell the US Army flag to the public for outdoor use. Most of these flags come in standard sizes of 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 5’ and 4’ x 6’. You can also get the flag in other sizes if you request them. The ones made for outdoor use come in nylon.

There is also a light weight version made from polyester. Although the flag may not be as popular as the American national flag, it is still used for certain events and purposes by a large number of institutions and individuals. The best place to find a high quality Army flag for sale is Amazon.

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