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Animated Rebel Flag

Animated rebel flag: The waving glory

All the knowledge that I gained was because of my teacher and my brother. People say that the first lesson starts at home and perhaps that is true for me.

It was my brother who in spite of being freckle minded - always busy with himself - was the one who gave me the maximum knowledge about the Rebel flag. He told me that the flag was looked upon as a symbol of pride and glory for the Southern States.

He also told me that it is sometimes looked upon as a symbol outright racism and signifies slavery.

This is, as a matter of fact, a reason for hatred and there is always an anti-group who never look into the symbol as a matter of pride and glory.

Rebel Flag Image

I was indeed surprised to know this and asked him to give me further details.

He took me to his laptop and opened various websites which gave a lot of information about the Rebel flag.

That was not all. He also informed me that many websites offer Rebel flag posters and wallpapers along with graphics and most of these are free and they can be used for personal use as long as the pride of the flag is not hurt.

I was a bit surprised and wanted to know more about the same. He said that there are sites which offer animated rebel flags. These graphics he said are small and look very pretty. She showed me a couple of sites and I found them to be a real beauty and at the same time they can easily attract the attention of a visitor.

It is also a very nice way to show the patriotism that a person has and he or she can pay a tribute to those who sacrificed a lot by using these flags. The waving graphics are not only pretty but also require very less space when used in a website. I simply loved them and decided to use them for myself.

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